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As a curious bunch, we like asking questions and understanding what’s interesting to you, what you’ve been working on and how you’ve achieved what you have. And when we don’t understand something, we’ll ask you about that too.

But a core part of getting to grips with IT is training. Working with specialists in IT to fully understand what we’re talking about. It’s the only way we can really offer you the support needed in finding the next opportunity that’s perfect for you.

Recently the Click Digital team took part in Holistica IT training, led by Ayub, a man who has lived, breathed and preached technology throughout his career.

Hungry to learn, over the course of two days, Ayub led us through the history of IT engineering through to today’s world of Technology. Diving in to DevOps and Architecture, Cloud and IoT, Python and Machine Learning even the experienced Consultants in the room left with an improved understanding of technology and the world we work in.

Training sessions like these, publications we read and immersing ourselves in your market all contribute to us being able to support you in the best way. You’ve probably realised we’re not a bunch of coders by now, but we work damn hard to align ourselves as much as possible to the technology industry. So if you want to talk about Docker and containerisation, scala, java and JVM or the intricacies of when to use waterfall or Agile, we want to talk to you too!

Daily, we get to speak to some of the most interesting people in the London technology market, delivering IT solutions which will have a positive impact on the people around us. If we’re talking to you, you know we’ve done our homework but the learning doesn’t stop there. So expect us to keep firing questions at you, but please don’t be surprised when we actually listen.