Kraig Smith, Managing Director – Click Digital

With everyone in the world of digital so focused on the future and finding the next big thing, it’s so easy to forget how great some things used to be.

Don’t agree with me? Well you obviously didn’t spend hours upon hours lost in the world of arcade games. I did and so did many of my peers. Headsets? Gaming seats? No thank you. What we wanted was to spend hours chucking 10p pieces into a machine that you had to stand up to play! That’s right kids, physically standing up!!

Years of enjoyment were had but only when we discovered a special ingredient did things really take a turn for the better. That was when we unearthed ‘cheat codes.’

‘But you can still find cheat codes in games of today!’ I hear you shriek. True; but back in the late 80s and especially the early 90s these cheats were something new, something different.

No longer would you have to bang your head on the screen after only getting to level 87 of Pacman: you now had unlimited lives.
Just as you were getting your butt kicked by Krang, you could suddenly replenish your energy and turn the tide in your favour.
The codes carried on in different guises for years. Invincibility? Check. Extra credits? Job done. Fancy a different coloured karate suit? Why the heck not!

Okay; so you still find cheats in games these days. But not this fun.

Here at Click Digital, we are always looking to the future. Delivering digital recruitment solutions that will best serve our clients’ interests for years to come. However, we never forget the past. We look at all the ‘classic’ things we have done well and ensure they inspire our present and future work.
Much like our brand change. It is a nod to our bright future (and representative of our expansive growth) but also an acknowledgement of our past. It is what has enabled us to reach the heights where we now sit.

To celebrate the launch of our new brand we would like to continue the proud tradition of computer and arcade game cheat codes. Think you can work it out? Simply go to our homepage and give it a try! Those who succeed will be in with the chance of winning a brand new VR set.

Need a hint? Click here.