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A Start-Up that’s not just turned up chinos, curly moustaches and artisan coffee.

How many start-ups can genuinely say that they offer something markedly different from the rest of the market?

Precious few. But with a start-up that works in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, these guys are breathing life into the stuffy world of start-ups.

Cool, so why are they any different?

Originality isn’t always good, but in the rare cases where brilliance and originality meet, it creates something truly amazing.

The proof is in the pudding – they won ‘Best AI’ at a global awards conference in California this year. Not bad for a company that’s been around for 2 years.

They won because they weren’t set up based on the dreams and mad ideas of a think-tank with over-inflated egos. The company was started by a group of the very best and brightest in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

Who started the start-up?

By that, I mean the CEO was a big cheese at Google.

As was the CTO.

The engineers are from places like Microsoft, Apple and Mendeley – and most have a PhD from either Cambridge or UCL.

With a tech background and hierarchy as strong as this, you can imagine the quality of work that they produce (last I checked, Google and Apple don’t tend to employ slackers). These guys are geniuses, and they’re looking to invite a number of Software and Machine Learning Engineers into their fold.

And they all get their hands dirty. I’ve never seen a place like it, where the CEO and CTO floating (figuratively) around giving advice, mentoring and encouragement. It looks and feels how a team should.

As I said, it’s not just turned up chinos, curly moustaches and artisan coffee.

They’re hardcore tecchies who know what they’re doing. Sure, they’ve got push bikes on the walls, fake grass and an open plan office but they’ve got a plan, they’ve got the backing and they’ve got the drive to get s**t done.

What do they actually do?

They build Artificial Intelligence. Think The Terminator, think SkyNet. In a nutshell, their products analyse user activity using Natural Language Processing and Deep Neural Networks to optimise workflows – saving people an average of 2 hours a day. That’s 25% of the average working day - meaning more time for the important things in life.

What are they looking for?

As befits their current set-up, the best and brightest. If you’re a solid back-end Software Engineer with experience in microservices architecture and building Distributed Systems, we want to hear from you.

We’re also looking for Machine Learning Engineers with a focus on Natural Language Processing and experience with Deep Neural Networks – we understand you’re a rare breed!

The good stuff – pay and benefits.

Excellent pay, shares option, 20+ days holiday, occasional work from home, no needed to suited and/or booted, you get to build the T-800. ‘Nuff said.

Not only that, everyone I send there for interview wants to work there.

Thanks for reading! If you’re interested and would like to hear more, drop me a mail or give me a call on 02074305562.

I’ll be back…