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Mark Hyams

Mark Hyams

Data Science & Machine Learning

0207 430 5562


I started in recruitment in 2016 – not long but I’ve learned a lot! I now know the difference between a type of coffee bean and a programming language.

I joined the Army at 17 as a Royal Engineer, supporting major international operations and exercises as a Geographic Technician. My role involved a lot of software development in Python to build geoprocessing tools and scripts, where I was first made aware of the code and work that lies beneath the applications and systems that are so prevalent in everything we do.

I left the Army at 22 after breaking my spine, and flitted about a bit before finding something I enjoy and could do well at – tech recruitment. I specialise in the Data Science / Machine Learning space, as it’s amazing to talk to incredibly intelligent people who are a part of the next global revolution every day.