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Jake Billham

Jake Billham

DevOps & Digital Transformation

0207 430 5565


I joined Click late in 2014 and was dropped into the DevOps market on my first day. I’ve always been intrigued by technology;  I used to modify computer game script in my teens.  That said, I’d never known the complexities behind everyday technology until working in IT recruitment.

I’m still recruiting in the challenging world of DevOps two years on, and am constantly trying to embed myself in its rich culture.  Being able to know the difference between the many types of “DevOps” professionals is difficult but very rewarding.

I’ve helped staff some of the most complex DevOps projects in a variety of Sectors (Consultancy, Travel, Insurance, Media) and have come to the understanding of “mind-set over skill-set” in DevOps recruitment.

By attending Meet-Ups, reading novels like The Phoenix Project and learning all I can about relevant Tech I aim truly understand the complex space known as “Development Operations”.

I host my own DevOps Meet-Up that looks at Culture rather than Technology.  It focuses on topics like; Digital Transformation, Tool selection, People Management, Solution Design and Concepts.  Give me a call if you want to hear more about it!