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Ben Ward

Ben Ward

Digital Hipster

Click Digital

0203 910 0396


Area of Specialism: Technical Architecture within emerging technologies

What makes you a specialist: I like understanding the business needs.

Most confusing area of tech: Where it’s heading. The use of Big Data and IoT is pretty daunting and awesome at the same time!

What does 2027 look like in London: I can’t imagine having to put my hands in my pockets to pay for things.

Favourite TV Series: Most recently - Stranger Things

Favourite Trilogy: Lord of the Rings

Favourite Book: Catcher in the Rye

Favourite Toy: Sylvanian Families


With the growing demand in Open-Source focused Architects and Technology SME’s my time is mainly spent speaking to technologists with a background in Scala, Java, Python and Ruby as well as a big focus on Cloud technologies.

Happy speaking to anyone who has a passion for what they do (especially if that is open source development or architecture) and work hard to deliver on our core values.